Mompreneur Lisa Gergets

Lisa Gergets is living the life of her dreams!

She is a mompreneur and her husband is a dadpreneur!

Yes, they are business partners too, but their first business is the family business!

 Mompreneur Lisa Gergets

Mompreneur Lisa Gergets

And they both work at home and home-school their kids, too!

It is truly a family affair…

They all love to work and live together throughout the entire day!

I mean really…so many folks are looking for a break from their partner and kids, but not Lisa and her family!

How do they do it without killing each other? lol  :-)

1. Love what you do

2. Time management

3. Organization

4. Love again

5. Rinse and Repeat

It’s called loving what you do and loving how you do it!

Lisa loves her Internet lifestyle so much she created her labor of love called Success On Demand!

Success On Demand is designed for people who already have a niche they are successful at offline and take it online for residual income.

Are you a yoga instructor?

How about building a brand by creating some instructional videos and converting them into an online course; or an instructional book; and travel the world giving one-on-one consultation to a select clientele that will pay you handsomely for it?

Lisa will show you step-by-step on how you can live the laptop lifestyle doing what you love to do!

For more information about Success On Demand go to: for the details

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