Reed Floren – How To Build A List That Buys From You!

Dadpreneur, Reed Floren, A 10+ Years Email Marketing Guru, Shows YOU the Secrets Of How To Build A List That Buys From YOU!

This is a very simple email marketing course for newbies or frustrated email marketers that want to get their

Reed Floren- How To Build A list That Buys  From You

Reed Floren- How To Build A list That Buys From You

email marketing on the right course for 2017.

See this interview where Reed will give you 1, 2, 3 steps and more to take to get people wanting whatever it is that you are selling.


  • a couple of months ago

Stealth List Building Formula Review

David Dekel is an awesome Dadpreneur!

He was kinda force into become a dadpreneur when he was unceremoniously let
go from his cushiony corporate job!

In complete shock, but knowing he had to take action quickly. He turned that internet marketing
hobby into a six figure business within 6 months!

  • 9 months ago

Lisa Gergets – Retrain Your Brain Review

Lisa Gerget’s Retrain Your Brain Review will give you the inside scoop on how to stop the self-sabotage ways that keep you from accomplishing you health, wealth and relationship dreams!

Lisa Gergets - Retrain Your Brain

The Pajama Momma, Elon Bomani, drills Lisa on how she can help and found some startling news about Lisa that will really have you on the way to massive success in no time.


  • 9 months ago

Affiliate Email Marketing Review With Michael Harris And Damon Greene

Michael Harris and Damon Greene created a very newbie-friendly Affiliate and Email marketing course called Affiliate Email Mastery!

This is Elon Bomani’s Affiliate Email Mastery review and bonus. The Pajama Momma is fair and honest when it comes to giving reviews about any product.

She has purchased separate courses from both of these great internet marketers. Michael courses are over the shoulder videos that are step-by-step pure content. He is a teacher by trade so his instructions are excellent and easy to duplicate.

I have purchased very good courses from Damon Greene, also…and is very good at teaching by way of videos.  He is a  master at selling a lot of affiliate products using video marketing.

These dynamic Dadpreneurs put their talents together to create Affiliate Email Mastery which will teach you effectively how to combine Affiliate marketing with email marketing that may have you build a $100 dollar a day income like Michael Harris has done. He practices what he preaches, ladies and gentlemen!

This is truly a cookie-cutter system that I have successfully copied and made income from. If you are coachable and can be a good copy-cat, you will be on your way to making affiliate marketing income….over and over again with this great email marketing strategy!

Affiliate Email Mastery Review and Bonus has everything you need to succeed at both email and affiliate marketing today!

  • 11 months ago

Elon Bomani – From Homeless Mom To Millionaire Mompreneur

Elon Bomani went from being a homeless mom with just $36 dollars in

her checking account to a millionaire in 18 months during her first businessFrom Homeless Mom To Millionaire



Well, fast-forward 10 years later, she is celebrating the Anniversary of her success by creating another 7-figure business with her product Fortune By Azon!


But, how does one become a millionaire Mompreneur?


Elon answers this question via a new edition of The Pajama Momma! The tables have turned though. Instead of Elon Bomani asking the questions, she is going to be interview by The Kidpreneur, Rriiver Nyile, her son.


She is going to share the secrets of how she is able to run an online business while homeschooling her two boys. She is also going to share how she has remained motivated when some of her online businesses failed.


Lastly, she is going to share what inspires her to get up every morning with a smile ready to make even more miracle happens in her.

She is the first to tell you that her life is not perfect but she is on purpose for fulfilling her dreams and helping other people do the same!


  • 11 months ago
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