Keysha Bass From Corporate America to 6-Figure Mompreneur

Do you want to leave Corporate America to stay home and raise your kids?
Well, Keysha Bass, while pregnant with her 2nd son, took the plug; and with a leap of faith, became a mompreneur.
While working her affiliate marketing/network marketing biz, she developed a knack for social media marketing that made her an expert.

In less than one year of leaving her good corporate job, she made six figures in her industry–more than what she was making at her job!

For more details, check out this fun interview I has with this gutsy mompreneur.

Keysha is most proud of the fact that she created Winning Women’s Network, an organization that helps women succeed in owning their own business.

Winning Women’s Network is a membership site that provides inspiration, motivation and mentorship for women who want to be self-employed business owners.

For more information about Keysha Bass and her organization Winning Women’s Network, go to:

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